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August 14, 2011
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Alan Rickman by LilaeaBluecoat Alan Rickman by LilaeaBluecoat
My "Adventures With Smooth Bristol Board" () continue. Decided to give the paper another try. Wasn't going to do A4 in case it was hell, so A5 it became. I'm sorry Canson Bristol, but I don't think we'll become BFF's... :(
Working with Bristol itself is starting to grow on me, though, so it's time to try a different brand I guess.

I'm fairly satisfied with this end result. Especially seeing how I'm still getting used to working on this paper and it's like reinventing the wheel all over again.
Many spots that could have been better, but I can live with this for now. :)

- Reference
- Derwent pencils 2H through 4B
- Mechanical pencils 0.5 and 0.3
- Canson Smoth Bristol Board A5
- Tombow eraser, kneaded eraser, pencil eraser
- Blending stumps, tissue, make-up pads
- Time: loads. More than I cared to keep track of.

Hope some of you guys and gals will like this! :)

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wowowowowowow! this is AMAZING! i love you! this is speechless! :squee: :happybounce:
Aw.. Thanks for your enthusiasm! :D
lol yh I'm quite nuts and enthusiastic if i see something i like then it must be known! :squee: and i liked your picture so you deserve to be told! :)
Beautiful! You have absolutely done his justice with this! Somebody post this on Tumblr(credit goes to you, of course), and I reblogged. You may want to check it out.
Thanks a lot! I knew this was posted on Tumblr, she kindly asked my permission (so happy that still happens nowadays)! I'm glad the post helped you find something you liked!
Noticed you wrote you'd like to buy it if possible. I'm so flattered! There's a lot of great Alan pieces out there and mine certainly isn't the best, so I'm really happy it spoke to you in some way! You're the first to consider spending money on one of my doodles!
Would you be interested in a print then? Or the original? It's only A5 though, so not too big...
Do note me if you want to let me know. :)
hatoola13 Jan 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi! your art was featured here: [link] :D
Omg i love love love your work. i love harry potter, i write fanfiction you should check it out :) x
Thank you! That's very nice of you!
I'll check it out. ;)
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